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Meet Sigma, the World’s Most Advanced Instant Issuance System

Attend any or all of these sessions as we show you how the new Sigma card printer is:

+Simple: We set out to make the most user-friendly card printer on the planet. And we thought of everything, streamlining the entire card issuance process.

+Secure: At Entrust, security is in our DNA. So it’s no surprise that our Sigma card printers are the industry’s most trusted and secure.

+Smart: Forward-thinking technology, scalability, and modularity allow you to expand your card issuance program as your needs evolve.

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  All sessions include product demos specific to each topic.

Enterprise Solutions: Know Your Visitors

Join us to learn more about:

  • Keeping your processes seamless and contactless when returning to the office
  • Visitor management solutions: digitally issuing visitor IDs

Government: Keeping Security a #1 Priority

In this session we’ll review topics including:

  • Security has been the focus in Entrust’s in-branch government card issuance programs
  • Social effects of identity programs
  • Beyond government security: local-level programs such as library cards, employee cards, hunting/fishing licenses, social benefits programs, medical marijuana, and more

Healthcare: Secure Identities for Employees, Patients, & Visitors

This session covers issues such as:

  • Securing identities of patients and health professional employees
  • Simplifying the process of credential issuing for hospitals

Public Transportation: Moving to Contactless Ticketing

In this session we’ll review topics including:

  • Moving towards a contactless ticketing and open payment
  • Helping transport operators to transform their ticketing office SIGMA is the most secure printing solution

Retail: Food Labeling Solution

In this session we’ll review topics such as:

  • Food label solutions that are safe and compliant
  • Print on-demand with high-resolution food label printers, keeping up with price fluctuations and changing labeling requirements

Higher Education: Converging Campus Identities from Physical to Digital

Join us as we discuss:

  • Mobile identification, from enrollment to issuance
  • The convergence of mobile and physical identity on campus

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