Download ESG’s Technical Validation report on how Entrust CloudControl secures VMware infrastructure.

CloudControl is Validated for VMware

See how CloudControl can bring enhanced visibility, control, and compliance to your VMware infrastructure.

Entrust CloudControl, our multi-cloud security posture management solution, was recently tested by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), a division of TechTarget and an IT analyst and research firm. The goal of the hands-on testing was to validate how CloudControl closes security gaps and automates compliance for VMware vSphere and NSX virtualized infrastructure.

ESG validated our multi-cloud security solution and stated that organizations deploying CloudControl can benefit from:

  • Centralized policy management
  • Automated compliance processes and critical data in easy-to-use dashboards
  • Fine-grained visibility and controls beyond VMware’s RBAC capabilities
  • Support for multi-factor authentication and secondary approval processes to prevent human error or malicious activity
  • Secure logging and more

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