Entrust is the first commercial certification authority (CA) to build a module using Ansible. Watch our latest webinar to see how we’ve leveraged this tool to automate certificate deployment at scale on limitless endpoints to support certificate issuance in a DevOps environment.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to simplify TLS/SSL lifecycle processes using the ECS Ansible module covering the certificate request, reissue, and renewal process.
  • How to automate TLS/SSL certificate deployment at scale for a true plug and play experience.
  • How to download the module and point it to Entrust Certificate Services (ECS).

The module is present in Ansible 2.9 and is published in GitHub. Download here:  github.com/entrustdatacard.
Chris Trufan

Hosted by:
Chris Trufan, Software Architect

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