Implementing a Zero Trust framework requires an ecosystem approach to security.

Bringing security, enablement and order to the new digital reality simply cannot be accomplished by modifying old perimeter-based security solutions. A Zero Trust framework, designed and implemented using an ecosystem approach, is the clear standard for dealing with all the connections, users, machines, and data.

Choose from 2 ebooks to learn more about Zero Trust security:

Ebook #1 - The Essential Evolution of Zero Trust

  • Challenges of the modern digital infrastructure
  • Why Identity should be fundamental to your Zero Trust approach
  • Time to move on from passwords
  • Reasons to opt for a cloud-based as-a-service solution
  • Best practices for setting up a zero trust framework

Ebook #2 - Deploying Zero Trust in ecosystems where devices outnumber humans

  • Why managing machine identities is critical for your zero trust approach
  • Adopting PKI for machine identity management
  • Tools for enterprise-wide secrets , keys and certificate management
  • How to watch out for critical blind spots
  • Addressing multi-cloud security

Get the ebooks to understand how an identity-centric solution is the best bet to secure your digital ecosystem.

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