Cryptographic Center of Excellence
The Entrust Cryptographic Center of Excellence (CryptoCoE) is designed to help organizations balance the risk associated with IT practices that expand crypto use cases by accelerating a crypto strategy for enhanced digital security.

In the second webinar of our CryptoCoE webinar series, we discuss best practices for bringing the right policies, procedures, processes and people together for ongoing crypto excellence.
Crypto Governance: Laying the Foundation for a Strong Crypto Strategy
Best Practices for Bringing the Right Policies, Procedures, Processes and People Together for Ongoing Crypto Excellence 


Topics included:

  • The foundation and concept that lies above and behind crypto policy
  • Assessing the crypto governance posture of your IT systems
  • How to build strong governance in stages
  • Understanding data protection – what and how to protect it
  • Data-at-rest and data-in-transit
  • Asymetric vs. symetric cryptography
  • Mapping crypto to applicable Data Protection Standards and Regulatory Requirements
  • A new approach: why establishing a CryptoCoE is important for securing crypto as critical infrastructure
  • Q&A
To learn more about how the Entrust Cryptographic Center of Excellence is helping organizations like yours navigate today’s crypto challenges, go to our CryptoCoE information page.
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